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Physics 312, Section 05, University Physics II: Winter 2011-2012

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There is a BONUS homework set available for students in both the noon and 6 PM sections.

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Outline for the course, class schedule, etc.

Reading assignments


Homework sets for section 1017-312-05

In order to use the on-line homework system, you need to know your login name and your initial password. Your "login name" should be the same as your RIT E-mail address, something like abc1234. Your initial password should be the final 4-digits of your student RIT ID number, so if your ID number is 12345-6789, the initial password would be 6789. You can change your password from the default after you log in for the first time.
  1. Introduction to Webwork system due Thursday, Dec 1, at noon.
  2. Angular kinematics due Friday, Dec 2, at noon.
  3. Moment of inertia and torque due Tuesday, Dec 6, at noon.
  4. A sophisticated moment of inertia problem due Wednesday, Dec 7, at noon.
  5. Rolling motion due Friday, Dec 9, at noon.
  6. Vector torque due Tuesday, Dec 13, at noon.
  7. Angular momentum due Wednesday, Dec 14, at noon.
  8. Conservation of angular momentum due Friday, Dec 16, at noon. This assignment includes an optional bonus problem.
  9. Static equilibrium due Wednesday, Jan 11, at noon.
  10. Elasticity due Thursday, Jan 12, at noon.
  11. SHM (I) due Monday, Jan 16, at noon.
  12. SHM (II) due Thursday, Jan 19, at noon.
  13. SHM (III) due Monday, Jan 23, at noon.
  14. Waves (I) due Thursday, Jan 26, at noon.
  15. Waves (II) due Tuesday, Jan 31, at noon. (changed date)
  16. Waves (III) due Friday, Feb 3, at noon.
  17. Waves (IV) due Monday, Feb 6, at noon.
  18. Refraction of light waves due Thursday, Feb 9, at noon.
  19. Lenses due Monday, Feb 13, at noon.
  20. Two-slit interference and thin-film interference due Friday, Feb 17, at noon.
  21. Diffraction and diffraction gratings due Monday, Feb 20, at noon.
  22. Diffraction gratings due Wednesday, Feb 22, at noon.
  23. BONUS questions for section 05 (noon) due Tuesday, Feb 28, at noon.
    These are not required. Every point you gain on this problem set is added as a bonus to your overall homework score. In other words, these problems can make up for problems you missed in earlier sets.

Homework sets for section 1017-312-06 are located on the Mastering Physics system.

Practice problems

Extra Credit Projects

  1. Measure the Moment of inertia of a human body. Due Friday, Dec 9, at 5 PM.
  2. Verify the Law of Conservation of angular momentum. Due Friday, Jan 13, at 5 PM.
  3. Measure Period vs. Length for a Pendulum. Due Friday, Jan 27, at 5 PM.
  4. Record the motion of a wave. Due Friday, Feb 10, at 5 PM.
  5. Measure the speed of sound in air. Due Friday, Feb 17, at 5 PM.
  6. Measure the index of refraction of a substance. Due Friday, Feb 24, at 5 PM.
  7. Measure the wavelength of laser light. Due Friday, Feb 24, at 5 PM.

Both Professor Lindberg and I have tried to explain the rules for dealing with uncertainties in measurements.

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