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Physics 213, "College Physics III", Winter 2002

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Outline for the course, class schedule, etc.

The course syllabus with test dates. This now has day-by-day reading assignments.

Tools and concepts that you will need to understand and use to pass this course.

Scores so far; updated after Test 2.


  1. Introduction to Physics 213
  2. Interference and the Two-slit Experiment
  3. Diffraction and Resolution
  4. Thin Films
  5. Resolution and Diffraction gratings
  6. Electric Charge and Coulomb's Law
  7. The Electric Field
  8. The Electric Potential
  9. Equipotential Surfaces and Capacitors

    Test 1

  10. Current and Ohm's Law
  11. Resistance and Resistivity
  12. Current, Power and Resistance
  13. Resistors in Series and in Parallel
  14. Kirchoff's Laws
  15. Capacitors and RC circuits
  16. Measuring Current and Household Wiring
  17. Physics of an Ink Jet Printer

    Test 2

  18. Magnetic Field and Force
  19. Magnetic Fields and The Bomb
  20. Magnetic force on Current-carrying wires
  21. Magnetic Torque and Amp's Law
  22. Magnetic Induction
  23. Faraday's Law of Induction
  24. Lenz' Law and Electric Generators
  25. The Niagara Falls Hydroelectric Station
  26. Mutual Inductance and Self-Inductance
  27. Transformers and Long-Distance Transmission of Electricity

Homework sets

You must use the Webwork system to do your homework assignments. It's probably best to print out each assignment, work on it for a while, and then return to a computer to type in your answers. Feel free to work in groups.

  1. Homework 0 due Wednesday, Dec 4, at 5 PM.
  2. Homework 1 due Wednesday, Dec 11, at 5 PM.
  3. Homework 2 due Friday, Dec 20, at 8 AM.
  4. Homework 3 due Monday, Jan 13, at 8 AM.
  5. Homework 4 due Friday, Jan 24, at 8 AM.
  6. Homework 5 due Wednesday, Feb 5, at 11 AM.
  7. Homework 6 due Monday, Feb 17, at 11 AM.
  8. Homework 7 due Sunday, Feb 23, at 5 PM.


Extra Credit Projects

  1. Count the electrons Due Dec 20, at 5 PM.
  2. Identify the Mystery Object Due Jan 20, at 4 PM.
  3. Build and use an Electromagnet Due Feb 10, at noon.

Physics fun (no, really!)

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