Megatokyo CG Artists' Collaboration

Original art by Fred Gallagher, color by MuffinLurver

Megatokyo is Fred Gallagher's web comic. It's wonderful. Some references to tutorials and coloring guides follow at the end of this page ...

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Chapter 10
End: Chapter 9
Chapter 9
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End Chapter 8
Chapter 8
End Chapter 7
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A group of us who read the strip like to add a bit of color to Fred's work. Why not? A single person could color the entire strip, and some people do; that's fine. We think it's interesting to let people do one panel each, independently, and then put the panels together to form a sort of collage. Sure, the color of the shirts or the tint of hair may vary from start to finish, but this variety allows us to see a range of ways to interpret the ideas and action of the comic. It also helps us to learn from each other.

If you're interested in coloring MT strips -- or anything, for that matter -- you might enjoy

You can follow the discussion or join the effort by looking in the MT Story Discussion Forum. Yone has also created a place where you can our work; see Yone's MTCGAC page. Electronerd's MTCGAC Super Mix-O-Matic lets you mix-and-match panels by individual artists. Finally, Scientision's giant CG database contains a cornucopia of work by many artists.