Shannon's guide to CGing colors

Originally posted to an MT Story Discussion thread on Dec 4, 2006.

I clean up the lineart and lay the flat colors on seperate layers underneath the lineart layer which is set to Multiply and above the background layer which is at the bottom and filled with white.

For shading the eyes I get the base color, get a soft brush and set the setting to Multiply and color it in. The shines I set on top of the lineart layer.

I get a 3px brush, get the hair's base color and set the brush to Multiply, putting in random strokes that flow with the hair. I change the colors a bit to reddish so the hair has variety.

Then I pick the base color again and set it to 'screen', giving the hair some highlights.

Then I do highlights and shading with a big soft brush set to 'Multiply' and 'Screen'.

After I blur the hair a bit, I shade the skin with a large, soft brush set to Multiply with a brownish color. I change the hues a bit with this as well.

Then I shade the shirt with the same techniques.

Then I shade the eyes with a reddish color.