TASS Mark IV Patches Catalog (version 2)

Michael Richmond
Oct 17, 2006
May 30, 2007 (version 2)

The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) has released a catalog based on its survey of the northern sky. A paper describing the instruments, operations, software and calibration has been accepted by Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and will appear in the December, 2006, issue. Here's the abstract:

The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) is a loose confederation of amateur and professional astronomers. We describe the design and construction of our Mark IV systems, a set of wide-field telescopes with CCD cameras which take simultaneous images in the V and I_C passbands. We explain our observational procedures and the pipeline which processes and reduces the images into lists of stellar positions and magnitudes. We have compiled a large database of measurements for stars in the northern celestial hemisphere with V-band magnitudes in the range 7 < V < 13. This paper describes data taken over the four-year period starting November, 2001. One of our results is a catalog of repeated measurements on the Johnson-Cousins system for over 4.3 million stars.

You can read manuscripts of the paper below.

You can access the Mark IV data in several forms.