The 2005 outburst of EI Psc (= 1RXS J232953.9+062814)

Michael Richmond
Aug 18, 2005

Overall evolution so far, based on a mixture of visual and CCD measurements; thanks to the VSNET-outburst group for collecting many reports.

The detailed CCD measurements show that maximum light probably occurred just as the oscillations grew to their maximum amplitude, sometime between MJD 3592 +/- 1 day.

The first day of detailed measurements after Patrick Schmeer raised the alarm: JD 2,453,590, or 3590 for short.

Day 592: note how the amplitude of the light curve has grown greatly, to about 0.30 mag. The rise is slightly sharper than the decline, and there is a slight "shoulder" at the end of the decline.

Day 593: the decline is slightly more gradual.

Days 599, 600: the data quality is poor, because the object has faded (and due to poor sky conditions at RIT Obs). The regular oscillations are still present on day 599, but one can't say what was happening on day 600.

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