Aug 11, 2007: Girl Scout Overnight Astronomy Camp

Michael Richmond
Aug 15, 2007

The RIT Observatory has hosted several special events for local Girl Scouts recently:

We continued with another overnight camp this summer, scheduled for a night close to the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. As in the past, the limit of 40 Scouts was reached quickly, so we had a full house: in addition to the girls, about 15 Scout Leaders also came and participated. That meant a lot of sleeping bags in the CIS classrooms:

After everyone had arrived and placed her gear in the classrooms, it was still daytime; we had to wait an hour or so for darkness to fall. So, we walked over to Building 8 to watch the movie For All Mankind, which follows Apollo astronauts as they make their way to the Moon.

After the movie, Jake Noel-Storr led everyone in some kinesthetic astronomy.

After that workout, we returned briefly to the CIS building for a snack

before heading out to the RIT Observatory for the evening.

Sorry, we don't have any pictures of the remainder of the event.

At the Observatory, we divided the Scouts into three groups and rotated them through three activities.

At around 12:45 AM, after all the groups had completed all three activities, the scouts returned to the Imaging Sciences building to get some sleep (in theory).

Early the next morning, I put out the fixings for breakfast and made several pots of strong coffee. The scouts and their leaders gradually woke up, ate breakfast, and headed home.

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