Jan 27, 2007: Girl Scout Overnight Astronomy Camp (II)

Michael Richmond
Jan 30, 2007

On the night of Saturday, Jan 27, five troops of Girl Scouts from the Genesee Valley chapter came to RIT for an overnight science camp. This was the second outreach activity organized through the Center for Imaging Sciences at RIT.

A total of 39 Scouts and 14 leaders came to Building 76 on the RIT campus. It was snowing outside, so we didn't go out to the RIT Observatory -- there was nothing to see in the sky. Instead, we stayed in the Center for Imaging Sciences and set up four experiments for the Scouts to do.

Here's our schedule for the evening

Tracy Davis (Physics) asked the girls to investigate the resolving power of the human eye. They tried with and without optical aid.

Stacey Davis (NTID) helped the girls as they constructed accurate scale models of the major bodies in our Solar System.

Jake Noel-Storr (Imaging Sciences) led the scouts through a kinesthetic tour of astronomy.

Michael Richmond (Physics) challenged the scouts to use spectroscopy in order to identify three "mystery elements".

Our science experiments finished around 11:15 PM, at which point a few energetic souls stayed up to watch a movie, but most people collapsed in a heap. The next morning, Jake served a continental breakfast to the scouts and their leaders, and everyone went home.

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