RIT - University of Tokyo current and desired collaborations

RIT University of Tokyo Field of Study
Physics and Astronomy
Michael Richmond
   School of Physics and Astronomy
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Mamoru Doi
   Institute of Astronomy
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Tomoki Morokuma
   Institute of Astronomy
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Optical and near-IR astronomy, instrumentation, supernovae, time-variable sources
Manuela Campanelli
   Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation
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Carlos Lousto
   Center for Computational Relativity and Gravitation
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Computational general relativity, gravitational wave sources and detection
Chemistry and Materials Science
Gerald Takacs
   Dept. of Chemistry, Center for Materials Science
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physical chemistry, chemical kinetics, photochemistry, surface modification of materials
Nathan Cahill
   School of Mathematical Sciences
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  (check Nakajima Lab at U of Tokyo)  
  (check Ikeuchi Lab at U of Tokyo)
medical image computing (specifically techniques for nonrigid and/or multimodal image registration),
scientific computing algorithms in computer vision
Casey Miller
   School of Chemistry and Materials Science
   Home Page
   Powerpoint Research Summary (PPTX)
  (check Otani Group at U of Tokyo)
Spintronics, nanomagnetism, thin films and heterostructures
Mathematics and Computer Science
Akhtar Khan
   Center for Applied and Computational Mathematics
   Home Page
inverse problems, parameter identification, not-smooth optimization, numerical optimization
Ernest Fokoue
   Center for Quality and Applied Statistics
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  (check Sugiyama Lab at U of Tokyo)
machine learning,
function estimation in high dimensional spaces, construction of estimators that yield optimal prediction
Hiroko Yamashita
   Modern Languages and Cultures
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Yuki Hirose
   Language and Information Sciences
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Psycholinguistics, human sentence processing
  • Hirose, Y. and Y. Kitagawa (2010) Production-Perception Asymmetry in Wh-scope Marking Yamashita, Packard and Hirose (eds.), Processing and Producing Head-Final Structures. Springer Publishing. 93-110.