UT Sep 30, 2018: Photometry of NSVS 11726192

Michael Richmond
Oct 1, 2018

On the night of Sep 29/30 2018, capstone students Kain McCall and Brent Neves, together with capstone instructors Jen Connelly and me, acquired data on the RR Lyr star NSVS 11726192.

Our run was cut short by clouds, but may give us enough information to figure out exactly when the maximum of the light curve will occur in the future.

The main setup was:

Notes from the night:

Photometry of NSVS 11726192

This RR Lyr variable star has been been studied previously, but not very much:

The object is located at

  RA = 22 12 28.90    Dec = +08:03:35.2

A chart of the field is shown below. The size of the chart is about 22 by 18 arcminutes.

I've marked the location of several comparison stars, which also appear in light curves below.

  star        UCAC4              B          V
   A        UCAC4 491-148200    11.857   10.752 
   B        UCAC4 492-144286    11.769   10.446
   C        UCAC4 492-144259    11.043   10.545 



We ran the camera at -20 C. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The sky value shows no clouds until late-ish in the run.

Here's a record of the telescope's drift.

The number of objects detected -- I required 50 objects for an image to be included in the ensemble.

The FWHM was pretty stable throughout the night.

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