Sep 14, 2013: Open House at the RIT Observatory

Sep 15, 2013: Success! The skies were clear and the temperature not too cold. We showed about 30 visitors the Moon, M57, Albireo, M13, and quite a few satellites.

Special thanks to our volunteers: RIT faculty members Stacey Davis, Tracy Davis, Anne Young and Roger Easton, AST grad students Valerie Rapson and Billy Vazquez, and RIT undergrad Brandon Doyle.

Tonight, you can see the Moon, a Ring, and a Glob through our telescopes.

The circles in the chart below show you where to find these three objects. Which one is which?

When you look at the Moon tonight, you might see craters, mountains, and other features. Use the map below to help you identify what you see.

Moon image and labels courtesy of

Thanks for coming to the RIT Observatory! Please check our web page for future events.

Another good place to check is the Astronomy Section of the Rochester Academy of Sciences: