Oct 22, 2009: Genesee Community Charter School students visit Observatory

Michael Richmond
Oct 29, 2009

On a recent cloudy morning, two classes of students from the Genesee Community Charter School came to visit the Observatory. Roughly 30 students in the second grade came first, at 9:30 AM, and then another 30 students from the third grade arrived at 10:30 AM.

Joel helps the students line up as they get off the bus.

Joel Kaster (from RIT's Center of Imaging Sciences) showed the students pictures of space taken by many different types of telescopes, and demonstrated why telescopes are placed all over the world.

Can you guess which observatory Joel is describing right now?

Here's a picture Eden drew, showing Joel talking about the Milky Way.

I showed the students how our telescopes work, and let them discover that images seen through a reflecting telescope (like this 8-inch Dobsonian) appear to be upside down.

Real astronomers wear knee pads.

Henry drew this to illustrate our telescope demonstration.

My admiration for elementary school teachers grows every time I talk to a group of students ....

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