Nov 29, 2018: Boy Scout Troop 750 visits the Observatory

Michael Richmond
Nov 30, 2018

On the night of Nov 29, 2018, members of Boy Scout Troop 750 of Henrietta, NY came to visit the Observatory. They hoped to perform some of the activities which would count toward their Astronomy Merit Badges.

There were 17 scouts in the group, along with a few adults and one older Eagle Scout who helped us throughout the activites. I was joined by Stacey Davis, an NTID instructor who teaches RIT's intro astronomy lab classes, and two graduate students in our AST program: Marko Ristic and Christina Magagnoli.

We split up a set of activities:

It was too cloudy to see any objects in sky, alas, but the Scouts asked plenty of questions and seemed to enjoy themselves.

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