Jul 13, 2016 UT: Tests of Atik camera, filterwheel, off-axis guider

Michael Richmond
Jul 15, 2016

On the night of Jul 12/13, 2016, I tested our "new" imaging equipment.

The main setup was:

Notes from the night

The orientation of the camera and filterwheel and off-axis guider was as follows:

The guide camera should be screwed into the off-axis guider with none of its three spacer rings; when mounted on the scope, it looks like this as seen from the back:

With this orientation, I needed to change the settings in MaximDL so that images would appear on the screen in the standard "North up, East left" format. In the "Camera -> Setup -> Options -> Settings" menu, I changed

I also needed to change the settings of the off-axis guide camera so that IT would have the proper orientation:

Next, I tried to figure out where the field of the off-axis guider lay, relative to the field of the main CCD. I used the Moon as my target. Here's a cropped image of the Moon in the main CCD; pay attention to the boxed region.

When I move the Moon to the western edge of the main CCD's field, we can see the shadow cast by the pick-off mirror of the off-axis guider:

I took images simultaneously through the main CCD and through the guide camera. With a little work, I was able to figure out the location of the guide camera's field. Note that the guide camera is rotated by about 30 degrees relative to the main camera:

So, the pick-off mirror will send light from objects at the western edge of the main frame to the guide camera.

I saved the MaximDL settings in the configuration file mwr_atik_efw_guider_jul2016.

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