Overnight Astronomy Camp at RIT

Welcome to the Astronomy Overnight Camp, sponsored by RIT's Center for Imaging Science and the Physics Department. Here is some information to help you enjoy your visit.

       - Please place your sleeping bags and items in rooms
           1155, 1210 on the first floor.  If necessary, we can
           use room 1230 as well.

       - A restroom can be found in the southern corridor.
           Other restrooms are located in similar positions on 
           each floor.

       - You are now locked into Building 76 on the RIT campus.
           The doors will lock when they close, so if you go outside,
           you won't be able to open them to return.

       - The Campus Safety office is located across campus (see the
           map on the other side).  Their phone number is (585) 475-3333.

7:00 PM - 7:45 PM
Check in. Take luggage into sleeping areas.

7:45 PM - 8:00 PM
Introduction in Big Auditorium; break up into 4 groups of 10 Scouts

8:00 PM - 8:40 PM
Science Session 1

8:45 PM - 9:25 PM
Science Session 2

9:25 PM - 9:45 PM
Study Break with pizza

9:50 PM - 10:30 PM
Science Session 3

10:35 PM - 11:10 PM
Science Session 4

11:15 - onwards
(very optional) Movie: October Sky


8:30 AM
Breakfast in the front lobby, then off you go!