Using the RIT Observatory Buildings


A typical night will go something like this:

  1. arrive at Observatory
  2. enter the house
  3. turn on the kitchen lights
  4. turn on the exterior red lights (using light switch in kitchen near back door)
  5. walk to fence around domes
  6. unlock padlock on gate; leave chain and padlock hanging from the main fence section
  7. push gate all the way open

    At this point, one should be able to give the coordinates (or catalog number) of a desired target, command the telescope to slew, and expect to find the target in the field of view.

    One can focus the telescope by rotating the silver cylindrical knob on the back of the tube.

    Closing up

    At the end of the night, one should shut the telescope down in the following order.

    1. slew the telescope so that it points due south, roughly 45 degrees above the horizon
    2. turn off the power

      Remove the CCD camera, if mounted

    3. place the lens cap over the front of the tube
    4. place the big plastic bag over the telescope
    5. close the dome slit