Apr 24, 2014: Nazareth Philosophy students see celestial objects

Michael Richmond
Apr 28, 2014

On the night of Apr 24/25, 2014, students from Nazareth College came to visit the RIT Observatory. These students were enrolled in a course taught by Nazareth Philosophy Professor Scott Campbell which includes a section on the relationship between astronomy and ethics. A good book to read on this topic is The Wisdom of the World by Remi Brague; chapters 9 and 10 are particularly relevant.

One group of 8 students arrived at 9 PM, and a second group of 11 students at 10 PM. The night was clear and dark, with no Moon in the sky. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers

we were able to show our visitors quite a range of celestial objects: Jupiter and four of its moons (which aren't visible in this image taken at the RIT Observatory a few weeks ago)

video processing by Chris Jones

the open cluster M44 (which was too big to fit into the main telescope's field of view)

Image courtesy of Greg Parker and Noel Carboni

and the galaxy M81 (this image, not taken at RIT, shows quite a bit more detail than we could see in the eyepiece)

Image courtesy of Astronight photography

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