• The following notes compare the HTML version with the original printed text:-

    Whats lost and whats retained
    The greek word for 'planets' on page 1 following the word 'wanderers', now appears as (hoi planetai)
    Italic text has been preserved
    plus things I've changed
    Use of the degree sign has been replaced with the word degree or degrees
    The mathmatical formulae in the Appendix, have been written out into longhand English.
    The Plates have been moved, and in some cases duplicated where they are mentioned within the text. In the original printed version they where grouped together at a couple of locations within the book.
    Plate 19, which does not get a mention within the text as such, I have placed within chapter 5, at the appropriate point.
    The only footnote to contain any text, has been placed in-line. The remaining 5 footnotes called attention to the Appendix, or illustrations, and these have had hypertext links or thumbnail images inserted.
    plates and diagrams
    The black and white engravings and diagrams where hand-scanned in at 300dpi in either 16 greyscales or B&W. Scaled 2:1, then a further 4:1 for the thumbnail images.
    A couple of the scanned plates could be improved upon, but I was limited by the fact that the book was borrowed, and had to remain intact. It needs someone that does not mind the pages being cut out, (Or they've already fallen out!) to produce better quality scans. Please feel free to improve on this, as it is a Public Domain text now. In particular Plate 22 and Plate 24a The latter I had a go, not very successfully, to correct.
    the index
    As appeared in the original text, a couple of extra cross-refrences for (See ....) entries, have been added. The page numbers have been proofread only within the index, i.e., I have not checked the main text at the given index page numbers, corresponds to what the index says.
    The words "et seq" have been replaced by "(and pages following this)"

    history of the HTML version
    1995, Feburary-May
    OCR, spell-checking and proof reading.
    1995, November
    Conversion to HTML format, proofs read again.
    1996-7, November-Janurary
    Various OCR errors corrected (thanks to Paul Hanchock), and the chapter headings added to the text.

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