Maps for Steve and Judy

We will be at the Highland Hospital, at 1000 South Ave in Rochester, New York, 14620. The main phone number is (585) 473-2200.

Here's a map showing the view from far above the hospital: it is just the the left of the center of the map, marked by the letter "A".

Directions to hospital: (follow on map below)

  1. After leaving the Thruway at the Rochester I-390 exit, take 390 north.
  2. After a few miles, the highway will split into two pieces: 390 heading west, and 590 heading east. Stay to the left to remain on 390 heading west.
  3. Take the "Route 15A" = "East Henrietta Road" exit from 390, going North.
  4. Cross one major intersection (Westfall Road), and then the road will branch off to the right. Take this right-hand branch, which is South Ave.
  5. Continue on South Ave for several blocks. After reaching the top of a small rise, in the middle of a parklike region, you'll start to go down on the other side of the rise. That's a sign that the hospital is just 150 yards ahead on the right, at 1000 South Ave.

Now we zoom in on the hospital, so you can read the names of the streets around it. Again, the hospital is marked by the balloon with the letter "A" on it.