Aaron Titus' tips for using ImageJ to create color composites

See http://chandra.harvard.edu/edu/formal/age_snr/3color_ds9.html

Part of the instructions tell how to make a composite image from RGB:

Download and install ImageJ and run the program.

Go to File>Open three times to load casared.fits, casagreen.fits and = casablue.fits.

Go to Image>Color>RGB Merge. =46rom the pull-down menus in the new = window, choose the appropriate files to go with each color as shown = below and click OK.

You now have a three-color composite of Cas A. You can use the following = tools to enhance the image to emphasize different features.

* Image>Adjust>Size

* Image>Adjust/Brightness/Contrast

* Image>Adjust/Brightness/Color Balance

* Process>Smooth

* Process>Sharpen