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Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:8

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Content rating: 4
Posted 2003-04-10 by StupendousMan
Endorsed by kurt on 2003-05-12 20:39:00

Yup, they were right.

Every review of the final episodes of Evangelion has warned, "Get ready to be disappointed." Well, I've just watched the final three episodes, and, yes, I'm disappointed. I feel so let down that I can't bring myself to spend much time writing this report. Sigh. Instead, I'll share just two specific thoughts which came to me when it was all over.

First, I had a sense of deja vu. About a year ago, I devoured the Gainax series Kareshi Kanojo No Jiyo on fansubs. The tale of a pair of high-school overachievers who learn to slow down and enjoy life (among other things) touched me in many ways: it was funny, and it was true to my own life in many ways. I considered getting a copy for my mother, a guidance counselor in a small Vermont high school. The only thing that kept me from loving it to death was the way it petered gradually to a slow death over the final four or five episodes. The writers introduced a new character very late in the series and seemed to forget about the ones we'd grown to love. Even more jarring was the way that the beautiful, crowded, busy animation of the early series disappeared: the final few episodes were full of still shots and flashes of text on a plain black background. My advice to anyone who is currently watching the series: stop around episode twenty or so, after the significant event on the night of rain. You'll know what I mean :-) It's a high point from which the series only declines, in my opinion.

Almost exactly the same thing happens to Evangelion. The writers have set up a situation full of tension, and then, apparently, run out of ideas. The final two episodes are psychological examinations of several characters, focusing on the Eva pilots and especially Shinji. We see static images, repeated over and over again, together with white text on a plain black background which represents the internal thoughts of each character. Sound familiar?

The other thought I had was this: consider just one of the many, many threads in the complex story of Eva: the mysterious SEELE, a shadowy collection of about a dozen old(?) men(?) who are behind NERV. We see them grill Ikari Gendo a number of times, warning him that he'd better watch out. They seem to have some plan, based on Dead Sea Scrolls, for dealing with the Angels; in fact, they give the impression that they foresee events yet to come, that everything is part of a big master plan. Near the end of the series, they grow particularly critical of Ikari and NERV. Something big must be about the happen. When the Fifth Child makes his appearance, it is said that he has been sent to the NERV center by SEELE; it appears that he is an agent sent to destroy them. And then ... the series ends.

Who were SEELE? What were they trying to do with NERV and the Evas? How did their goals conflict with Ikari's? Why did they send the Fifth Child? What was the prophesy in the Dead Sea Scrolls? And -- if I get even a hint of the meaning of the final episode -- why the HECK would a bunch of old, rich, powerful guys want that to happen?

Bleah. Maybe I ought to go read the pages and pages and pages of explanations for the ending of the show. Maybe I ought to read the reviews of the two Eva movies to find out if watching them will answer any of my questions. Or maybe I ought to put the whole thing out of my mind. It's hard, because the series was so strong for so long. I want to bring my memory of it to some fixed end, but instead, it's stuck in Never-Never Land.

I think that what I'll do is to fix my thoughts on the short vignette which appears near the end of the final episode, an alternate history (or future?) in which Shinji and his best pal Asuka go to school on an ordinary day and run into the new girl on their way. It's happy, it's sweet, it cements in my mind the strong bond of fraternal affection I saw between Shinji and Asuka during their time together. Why not remember what might have been?

Equipment used when writing this review:
Sony DVD player, JVC 27-inch TV, stereo speakers, and a sense of the inevitable.

Content: 4 Video: 7 Sound: 8 Packaging: 8 Menu: 7

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