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Neon Genesis Evangelion Collection 0:3

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Content rating: 8
Posted 2003-02-13 by StupendousMan
Endorsed by kurt on 2003-03-08 01:26:00

The third disk in the Eva series maintains the high quality of the show, and maybe even raises the bar a notch. Despite the "Angel of the Week" nature of these episodes, the REAL action goes on between the pilots. We are finally starting to peek inside the heads of the children who are all that stands between the human race and annihilation, and I say, "It's about time."

Rei actually speaks several complete sentences in the final episode, and, on a couple of occasions, initiates an exchange! While she remains an enigma, we at least have a chance to see her do a bit more than sit quietly. She swims laps in a pool, for example, in a most interesting manner: without moving her arms or her legs. Maybe she's part cephalopod, and has some sort of siphon structure in her ... um, well, *cough* right.

When we were first introduced to Asuka on the last disk, she came across as a bossy, arrogant jerk; but there was a moment when she and Shinji looked at each other in a particular way. Not flirting, not teasing, more like really old friends, or siblings. In the episodes on this disk, the pattern continues: she tries to dominate every situation, but doesn't always succeed. And to her credit, she really is willing to acknowledge her failures, and the successes of others. I think that she and Shinji are falling very quickly into friendship -- fraternal, that is. And I like it. There aren't enough shows with strong but asexual bonds between men and women.

Because the focus is on the serious side of the Eva pilots, the writers force some of the other characters to amuse us. Sure, there are a few funny moments between Yoji and the increasingly frustrated Katsuragi, but I hope it doesn't go on for the rest of the series. It will be about four more episodes before I start rooting for NERV to use Yoji as the ammunition in their next secret weapon...

All in all, a really good show. It isn't reaching the level of "great" at the moment, but it's close, and the backgrounds are slowly filling in. I'm expecting good things from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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Content: 8 Video: 8 Sound: 8 Packaging: 7 Menu: 5

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