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Escaflowne Vol 7: Light and Shadow

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Content rating: 8
Posted 2003-09-11 by StupendousMan
Endorsed by kurt on 2003-10-06 00:44:00

All the pieces start to come together on the chess board as Escaflowne approaches its end. But who's moving them? That's the real question.

We are shown what may be the big turning point in the conflict between the Zaibach Empire and the rest of civilization. But -- is it really what it appears to be? Or is this some sort of desperate gamble? Van decides to play it safe, remaining cautious and always on his guard. Hitomi, on the other hand, looks for (and finds) the best in everyone. Which of them is right?

And that brings up a question which appears again near the end of this three-episode disc: can warfare ever be right? That is, can it be justified? Van (and almost everyone else) says, "Yes, of course: we are fighting to protect our loved ones and homes." Hitomi refuses to accept this answer. She sees how battle twists the minds and hearts of its soldiers (Van in particular, of course). What's the point of surviving, she might ask, if what's left is so warped?

It's a good question. I do hope that the show addresses it honestly in the final three episodes.

Overall, I found this penultimate entry an improvement over disc six. Eriya and Naria, the Enhanced Luck Warriors, are again two of the strong points. The moment Naria and Hitomi share reminds me very much of the final words of the Romulan commander to Kirk at the end of the episode Balance of Terror. The love triangles which were pushed in our faces in the previous episodes are muted here to a few brief conversations, thank goodness. And the video seems to have reached a new peak, with scenes full of rich, glowing tones. Very nice.

Equipment used when writing this review:
Sony DVD player, JVC 27-inch TV, stereo speakers

Content: 8 Video: 8 Sound: 9 Packaging: 6 Menu: 6

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