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Chobits vol 2: The Empty City

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Content rating: 8
Posted 2003-08-26 by StupendousMan
Endorsed by kurt on 2003-09-27 20:15:00

Chi. Her name is Chi.

There. Now that that's out of the way, on with the review of the second disc in the Chobits series, which contains episodes 5-8.

Chi's gradual introduction to the world continues to be the main focus of the story; in fact, it's the entire story so far. The cast of supporting characters remains the same, and we see only very small glimpes into their lives (as when Hideki notices that Yumi-chan becomes sad when their conversation happens to turn to persocoms). That's okay, because for the moment, Chi and Hideki can carry the entire show. Watching Chi experience shopping, and working, and hugging, is like taking a small child for a walk in the park: one sees the same old ducks, same old trees, but infused with a new life and importance; to the child, these are new ducks, and new trees, still shiny and sparkling with wonder. The scene in which she bubbles over with excitement while describing her first day on the job to Hideki brought a fond smile to my lips (and I don't even have kids!).

In fact, I think that the show could have spent a bit more time showing us Chi's reaction to everyday events. How would see react to a day at school, I wonder, or a baseball game? However, the writers send her to a seedy part of town, where she has a slightly risque adventure. It becomes clear that Chi is not just any old persocom -- but exactly what she is remains a mystery, both to Hideki and to us.

Readers of the manga will recognize a particularly poignant moment between Chi and Hideki, witnessed by Hibiya-san. Awwwww...

This disc contains the first, brief appearance of Dark Chi, whom many viewers may recognize from innumerable cosplayers at anime conventions. It also includes the first volume in a series of children's books which will play a prominent part in the story. It's all mysterious now, but don't worry -- it will all come together in the end.

The extras on the disk itself are mediocre: five art shots. I don't count advertisements for other anime as "extras." However, the material in the box which accompanies the disc make up for it: a folded-over glossy with two small and one large picture of Chi, PLUS a stiff plastic card with pictures on the front and back. Very nice.

Equipment used when writing this review:
Sony DVD player, JVC 27-inch TV, stereo speakers

Content: 8 Video: 6 Sound: 7 Packaging: 9 Menu: 7

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