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Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Vol 6: For All Mankind

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Content rating: 8
Posted 2003-07-28 by StupendousMan
Endorsed by kurt on 2003-08-28 17:04:00

And so the roller coaster ride comes to an end. The previous disc was a bit of a dip, but fortunately, the final bit of track rose back up to end at a peak. Not the tallest section of the ride, but a pretty good place none the less.

Some of the nice features of this final entry: the creepy audio beep-boop-bee-boop sound Galatea makes as she talks to her machines, the way the characters (usually) refuse to take themselves too seriously -- watch, for example, the scene in which Priss, Nene and Linna are trying to catch the skyhook -- the interactions between our heroes and a bunch of other humans who have taken refuge in a seaside park. We get to hear Priss sing a capella! I just wish that somewhere in the extras we could get a complete version of this or one of the other musical tracks. I liked Priss' tribute to her cycle, too.

But the story isn't perfect. I miss Leon's partner, Daley, who disappears into the countryside at the end of the previous disc. Several characters make a great personal sacrifice in their attempts to save the world from Galatea, and it hurts to see them do it. Their actions are cheapened, however, at least in my opinion, when the logical consequence (death) is averted by some deus ex machina. I like a happy ending as much as the next guy, but there are times when the circumstances call for a sad one. And saving the world falls into that category. I mean, think how much deeper Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have been if Angel hadn't returned from Hell? Or if Buffy herself had stayed in her grave at the end of Season Five? Don't even get me started on Xena...

This disc contains five episodes, and brings the standard 26-episode series to an end in volume 6. It's nice to see a distributor provide a decent value for a change. I can recall certain other series *cough*Trigun*cough*Eva*cough* which stretched the same amount of material over eight DVDs. While I don't rate this series, overall, near either of those more expensive titles, I can't deny that it may give more bang for the buck. It's good, at times very good. It has some great music, which I would gladly purchase if I could find it. And it leaves images which linger in the mind. I think I'll remember Sylia, sitting by the poolside in her terrycloth robe, sipping tea, and dwelling on the past, for a long, long time. Sigh.

Equipment used when writing this review:
Sony DVD player, JVC 27-inch TV set, headphones, a sore back and microwaved Oreo cookies (which, by the way, are not an improvement).

Content: 8 Video: 7 Sound: 9 Packaging: 4 Menu: 7

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