A hockey puck slides into a brick (harder version)

A hockey puck of mass m1 = 2 kg slides at vi = 15 m/s due East. It bumps into a stationary brick of mass m2 = 5 kg. Afterwards, the puck slides away to the northeast with velocity v1f = 10 m/s at θ1 = 30 degrees, and the brick slides to the southeast at v2f at θ2.

Which of the following is the final velocity of the brick?

  1. 2.44 m/s at 32 degrees South of East
  2. 2.95 m/s at 47 degrees South of East
  3. 3.23 m/s at 38 degrees South of East

Is this an elastic collision? That is, does it conserve kinetic energy?

  1. yes
  2. no