Problems involving pendula

  1. The Texas Ranger has legs which are 1 meter long and a somewhat funny style of walking. While standing on one foot (say, the left foot), he picks up his other foot (the right one) and, keeping his entire right leg rigid and stiff, lets it swing forward. When it touches the ground, he then picks up his other foot and lets it swing forward stiffly.
    1. How long does it take one leg to swing forward?
    2. How fast does The Ranger move?
    3. How fast do YOU walk? Pick one team member and measure the time it takes him or her to walk 10 meters. Compare that speed to the Ranger's.
    4. An elephant's legs are about 2.5 meters long. How fast does an elephant walk?
    5. A snark has legs L meters long. How fast does a snark walk?

  2. Little Billy is one of the first children born on the Moon. He loves to play on the swingset in the playdome. His mother notes that Billy takes about 8 seconds to complete one cycle.

    How long is the rope by which the swing is connected to its support bar?