Beware the monkey-man

A bar of width w = 3 m and mass m = 8 kg is attached to a wall by a hinge at P. A steel wire of radius r = 0.51464 mm runs from the end of the bar to the wall, attaching to the wall a distance H = 2 m above the point P.

Fred hangs from the middle of the bar, raising money for a worthy charity. The longer he hangs, the more money will be donated. His mass is M = 53 kg.

  1. Make a table showing the forces acting on the bar in the X-direction and in the Y-direction, and the torques acting on the bar as well.
  2. Use your table to determine the tension T in the wire.
  3. if you have time ...

  4. Fred grows hungry. His frat brothers bring him pizza and feed it to him so that he can continue to hang from the bar. Assume that the steel wire is made from type G41400 steel, drawn at 1000 F. How much pizza can he eat before the wire will break?