Event                        Fred                       Jane
                            t=           x=           t'=        x'=
1.  Line of men 
    starting at x=0,
    1 m apart,
    raise hand at
    t = 0

     man at x=0

     man at x=4

     man at x=8

     man at x=12

2. Man at x=0 has cold.

    At t = 5, coughs.

    At t = 10, sneezes

3. Doggie runs across 
   field at speed 0.2c
   to left.  At t=0,
   doggie at x=8.

   Dog barks at t=5

   Dog barks at t=10

4. Bird flies to right
   at 0.9c.  At time t=0,
   bird at x=-3.

   Bird chips at t=0.

5. Man with cold flashes
   laser to right at t=8.
   It strikes flower
   3 seconds later.