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Outline of AST 613, "Observational Techniques and Instrumentation"

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Michael Richmond
Building 76, Office 1274
Office phone: 475-2538
FAX: : 475-5988
E-mail: mwrsps at rit dot edu

Class hours

   Tuesday    9:30 - 10:45 am  CAR-1275  
   Thursday   9:30 - 10:45 am  CAR-1275  

Office Hours

   Tuesday    11:00 am - noon      76-1274      (my office)         
   Wednesday  11:00 am - 1:00 pm   76-1274      (my office)
   Thursday      noon  - 1:00 pm   76-1274      (my office)

You may call to make an appointment. If my office door is open, feel free to enter. I'm almost always in my office :-(


There is no assigned textbook for this course. However, there are many good books that can help you with the material we will cover, and explain concepts in much more depth than I will. Some items which you can find in the RIT Library are (the first two are on reserve):


The course grade will be based on attendance, participation in class, homework assignments, and a final exam. The list below is not definitive, but a rough guide to the importance of each component.
   10  percent  work in class     
   50  percent  homework 
   40  percent  final exam 
  100  percent

If you have any special needs, you must inform me during the first week of classes. Otherwise, I may not be able to make arrangements in time to help you. Please contact me after class or at my office.

Please read RIT's Policy on Academic Integrity , section D08.0 of the Policies and Procedures Manual. I will follow this policy strictly if there is any evidence that students have violated it; that is, if there is any evidence of cheating, duplicate submission, or plagiarism.

You are welcome to bring laptops and smartphones into the classroom in order to view course materials. I may, occasionally, ask questions in class which require one to make a search of materials on the internet (but which will not count for credit, so don't worry if you don't bring a device). However, you may not use your device to engage in activities not related to the class, such as

These activities will disturb other students, in addition to distracting your own attention. If you are discovered to be using your device(s) for activies unrelated to class, I will take your device from you for the remainder of the class, or you will leave the room.

Students who break these rules multiple times will be subject to further penalties.

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Creative Commons License Copyright © Michael Richmond. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.