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Write a very short paper describing your investigation

Last week, you fit a simple Gaussian model to measurements of a solar absorption line.

You came up with your best estimates for the parameters

Good. Now, it's time for you to go to a conference and present your work to other astronomers. Your job this week is to practice writing a short article which describes your work for a technical audience.

There are two aspects to writing a paper.

How much background should you include? Should you describe all the gory details of your work? Does anyone care if you used FORTRAN or MATLAB or IDL or Perl? Why is your work important, anyway?
What sort of headings will appear for each section of the paper? How should each reference be listed -- with LastName, FirstName, or with FirstName, LastName? How much smaller than the regular font should the captions of figures be?

Let's spend a short time talking about the content first, and then we'll show you a "typical" scheme for getting the style correct.

Guidelines for content

This paper should be very simple: your goal is to explain to other astronomers at a conference your investigation into the structure of one solar absorption line. You assumed the profile of the line was a Gaussian, and found the parameters which best fit the measurements.

How good was your fit? Does it make you think that a Gaussian is a good choice for a model of this absorption line? What sort of model WOULD be a good choice, based on the theory of stellar atmospheres?

Your paper should contain the following elements.

If you feel that additional figures and/or tables would help the reader to understand your work, please include them.

Guidelines for Authors:

Page Limits

All posters and oral presentations will be included in the proceedings (assume you gave an oral presentation - contributed talk).

Instructions and Templates

Please download the template tarball, and uncompress and unpack it.

Included in the tarball are:

File Names

Please use the following naming scheme for your manuscript:


Color Page

The proceedings will be printed in black and white. Authors are required to submit their manuscript in gray-scale for printing.


The deadline for submission is September 24, 2008, 5pm EST.


Please submit your manuscript as a compressed PDF. Send them by e-mail to:

Important note for using LaTeX on the Macs in Gosnell Lab:

     export PATH=$PATH:/usr/texbin

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